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Compact structured light generation

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

We experimentally demonstrate reconstruction of a holographic images using a compact integration of a photonic crystal surface-emitting laser and metasurface holograms designed for structured light generation. This research showcases the flexible design capabilities of metasurfaces, high output power (on the order of milliwatts), and the ability to produce well-uniformed images with a wide field of view without the need for a collection lens, making it suitable for 3D imaging and sensing.

It is published in Discover Nano.

我們實驗展示了使用「光子晶體面射型雷射(PCSEL)」和為結構光生成設計的「超穎介面全像片 (metasurface hologram)」,以重建全像影像的超微小型整合。這項研究展示了 metasurface 的靈活設計能力、高輸出功率(約數毫瓦的量級)以及能夠在無需準直鏡的情況下產生具有廣視野的均勻影像的能力,使其適用於三維成像和感測。


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